womenagerie: a collection of musings, perspectives, and advice on how to navigate the world as a young woman.

Come for the solidarity, stay for the sarcasm.

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Misandrogyny, Defined

Have you even seen POSE? You know, Emmy award-winning show about transwomen competing in the underground ballroom scene at the height of the AIDS epidemic? Beautifully written, compelling plot, all kinds of visibility and of course, Billy Porter.  Well if you know the show then you know the captivating lead, Elektra Wintour. Former house motherContinue reading “Misandrogyny, Defined”


In the highly democratic internet age, the online landscape is oversaturated with self-aggrandizing self-taughts vying for an audience to heckle with their two cents. I, of course, am different. Not exactly a novel statement in itself, but it’s true. I don’t have 2 cents, I have 22.  You know, 22 cents. The average pay differentialContinue reading “22sense”

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