About Me

Hey boo!

In the democratic age of the internet, the Interwebs ™️ is an eponym for the tangled web of messy opinions it has become. Strings of numbers sewn into IP addresses, fraying opinions tenuously held together with willpower.  It feels like much of the discourse surrounding womanhood is glaringly one-note. On female-centric blogs, the “hot takes” quickly lose steam when post after post  lauds pink pussyhats and the redeeming qualities of red wine dependency. (Laugh now, but these two things form a voting majority of many a “personality”.) What’s even more lacking is a voice specifically championing young women as they begin to navigate the world as adults.

Enter Womenagerie. Designed to be a hub for advice and perspective re: women’s issues across the work/life spectrum, this is my open love letter to women like me. Women who are young and driven and like a few witticisms with their wisdom. Women who deserve more than a random article from a savvy black writer or a timely think piece born of some high-profile injustice. Women who want to feel seen.

So, thank you reader, for perusing my humble corner of the internet, and indulging me on my quest to be different. Pick your poison and pull up a chair, because *taps mic* I’ve got a lot to say.

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